25 Things I Wish I Knew Before Turning 25

I wrote you a love note, too.

Veronica Percy
4 min readOct 30, 2023


Ronni Percy, mid-laugh while fixing her hair in a one-shoulder royal blue gown. A diamond bangle adorns on the left forearm while a multi-colored pearl bracelet sits on the right forearm.
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Twenty-five. The year the prefrontal cortex becomes fully formed. The age when a quarter-life crisis often hits. Hard. At that age, there’s so much wisdom to be gleaned from those we love who have already been there. There’s so much I should’ve taken more to heart. As a Filipina immigrant whose life has been full of love, anxiety, triumphs, miracles, and trauma; the greatest lessons have been the ones I’ve lived through.

However, if I could turn back time and give my twentysomething self a helpful list of lessons, this is what it would say. Of course, I’d write it in the form of a love note.

Dear 25 Year-Old Ronni,

Congratulations! We haven’t succumbed to our destructive tendencies. Things got tough there for a while, but now we know that we’re tougher. Life may feel incomplete at this juncture, but there’s so much to look forward to! I can’t wait for you to savor every moment that unfolds before you.

While that happens, here’s a list of things you should remember:

  1. Be careful with your mind and body because you get to live in them for your entire life, and carelessness will bite you in the ass in a decade.
  2. Your parents have done their absolute possible best. Love them…



Veronica Percy

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