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Veronica Percy
4 min readOct 29, 2023


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Remember the first time you experienced the glittering sensation that entails primal attraction? The desperate craving to be consumed with the experience of closeness with another body and mind is a life-altering exchange. There’s nothing quite like the corporeal amalgamation and intimacy that is uniquely reached through sexual intercourse.

Sex is the reason we’re here. It’s a deed as old as time. Two people got horny, took it out on each other, and yielded a gorgeous result: You! Or, someone fantasized about sex and orgasmed into a cup that was utilized in medical intervention resulting in your creation. Beyond procreation, a good tumble in the sack floods the body with some feel-good, stress-relieving hormones that keep us healthy and happy. There are few things more pleasurable than engaging in same-sex intercourse. Having sex is one of the best things we’ve ever done with our bodies.

No Shame in Our Sex Game

I recently received a DM from a sweet X (formerly known as Twitter) mutual who is struggling to step into the acceptance of their sexual self and confidence after overriding deep, religious shame connected to all things intercourse and fornication. They’re also worried about the labels tacked onto promiscuous people — slut, manwhore, etc. They asked for guidance that may help them step into their highest, most unabashed sexual self without worrying about being labeled.

Luckily, expressing sex positivity is my thing.

Given that my current work in progress is a novel featuring a heroine whose sexual liberation unlocks her healing after years of somatic trauma, I was thrilled to receive their question. Like my protagonist, I, too, have experienced healing through intimacy. Sex has the power to unlock our inner heroine.

For this and a plethora of other reasons, shame has no place in our current narrative surrounding sex and sexuality, even though they have long been used as bludgeons to control the masses and shame women. Enough is enough.

Sex is Healing

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