Just Because I Write About Sex

Does NOT mean that I wanna see your penis.

Veronica Percy
3 min readNov 2, 2023


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Listen to me: I am happily married. I’m loved up, loved down, and well-sexed all around in my life offline. There’s nothing that anyone possesses outside of my marriage that I want. This includes any images or interactions with your genitals. If you read something I wrote that excited your senses; that is none of my damn business. Leave me out of that bullshit. When I open my DMs and find a photo of your exploded one-eyed monster, I promise that the only emotion I will experience is anger. Choose growth and maturity.

Even if I were still single, that doesn’t give anyone the right to penetrate my private messages with their pathetic attempts at amateur pornography.

To the Joker Below:

Don’t piss me off this way. I don’t know who the fuck you think you’re reaching out to, but I am not the one. I will share your handle and message to warn people about your predatory tendencies:

Stop Sexually Harassing People

Sending an unsolicited photo of your privates is sexual harassment and I would honestly file charges if there was a mechanism for me to do so. It’s cyber sexual assault. The problem here is that some men don’t know how to view a woman who steps into her sexual power without feeling like they have the right to consume her for it. Another problem is that without prior consent, that’s a sexual violation in the form of harassment.

I have been dealing with these horny motherfuckers my entire life. I was sexualized by predatory men as an innocent child and throughout my adolescence and young adulthood. I have been forced to navigate a world in which I was the object of these men’s hormones without my consent.

To all of them, I say:

Grow the Fuck Up

Learn how to watch a woman be sexual in her own right without making it about you. None of it is about you. Stop penetrating spaces where you…



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